Exhaust Leak Symptoms

Many don't think much about the exhaust system in a car, but it serves an important purpose. The exhaust system pulls harmful exhaust fumes away from the cabin of the vehicle and sends them away into the air.

Like other vehicle components and systems, the exhaust system can have a leak that might allow fumes to come inside the vehicle. One of the signs of an exhaust problem is a hissing sound that comes from the tailpipe. If you hear this sound, get your exhaust checked right away. Another sign of exhaust leaks is dripping from the exhaust manifold gasket. If you notice a leak in this area, it's important to get it checked out.

If you live in or near Kingman, AZ, come to Anderson Ford if you suspect that you may have an exhaust leak in your vehicle. The service center can diagnose and repair problems you may have with your exhaust.

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