Safe Towing Guide

Now that warm weather is just around the corner, you may be considering taking the boat out for a day on the water. To ensure that it’s an enjoyable event without any unwanted surprises, it’s recommended to take some safety precautions. The first thing is to verify that your vehicle can handle the extra weight. Check with the manufacturer’s specs for allowable tow weight. That includes the tongue weight. Once you’ve determined that your vehicle, the hitch, and the trailer are compatible, you can move on to other safety aspects.

Look over the trailer to ensure that it can carry the boat safely. Remember to include an inspection of the tires and lug nuts. Move on to the electrical system. Run a test for the brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals. Adding tow mirrors is recommended to assist you with better visibility.

We’re here at Anderson Ford in Kingman, AZ to assist you with your towing inspection. A knowledgeable member of our service team is happy to help with any aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance.

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