Regular Vehicle Maintenance Includes Cabin and Engine Air Filter Inspection

Your regular maintenance is more than oil changes and tire rotations. You should also consider the filter replacements. Two of the most important filters are the cabin and air filters. These two filters function similarly but for two distinct reasons.

The cabin air filter protects you against harmful air pollutants that are unseen by the human eye. These pollutants can include mold spores, dust and various amounts of air particles. The engine air filter works very similar; however, the role is to prevent those same harmful pollutants from entering the engine compartment which can greatly affect fuel efficiency. You can greatly benefit from having your cabin and air filters inspected for replacement on a regular basis. If the quality level has decreased with these filters, then they are essentially worthless.

Anderson Ford can help you determine if your filters need replacing by scheduling an appointment at our Kingman location! Please feel free to use our online service scheduler!

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