Horsepower: Shop Easy Thanks to James Watt

At Anderson Ford, we wanted to go over what horsepower is to help Kingman, AZ drivers shop for a new Ford vehicle. We know that more horsepower usually means a faster vehicle. But we may see horsepower on surprising things like lawnmowers or chainsaws, too. How did we get this unit of measurement, and what does it mean?

This could be attributed to James Watt. Watt wanted to market his improvements to the steam engine. Watt worked as an instrument maker at the University of Glasgow when he decided to study the steam engine. Realizing the inefficiencies of the steam engine, he renovated it. Working diligently, he enabled it to use rotary motion and came up with the concept of horsepower.

Commercializing his newly renovated invention, Watt compared the work load his engines could do compared to what a horse could do in the same time. This allowed him to demonstrate the efficiency of his engines and thus promoting their usefulness. Those engines ultimately replaced the conventional engines of that time. Visit our Ford dealership in Kingman today to find a car or truck with ample horsepower.

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