Checking Your Brake Pads for Damage Is Imperative

You may often open up the hood of your car to make sure that your vehicle's engine parts and battery and in good shape. These are all important and can help prevent upsetting stalls and break downs from occurring in the future. Routine checkups could also save you lots of money when having your car serviced. Yet when was the last time you removed your tires and had a good look at your brake pads?

Brake pads allow cars to stop and reduce speed quickly. They are controlled from the brake pedal when hydraulic fluid is pushed into the piston that is closest to the brake pad itself. The process ends with the brake pads creating drag on the rotary, making the car slow down or stop. During inspection, if the brake pad linings appear smaller than they were when newly aquired, then it's time to have your vehicle serviced.

Anderson Ford welcomes you to see us for a swift check on all four of your brake pads, hydraulics, and rotary wheels. Having these parts in good condition is extremely important to you and other driver's safety on the roads and highways. In the Kingman area, fixing your car doesn't have to be difficult. Let our service center do the work for you!

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